Lynn & Dorothy Mobley

1320 Cathy Lane

Minden Nevada 89423

     (775) 267-2103

Mobley’s Bultaco Parts 1988 to 2013 - 25 years

Bultaco Marque 1958 to 2013 - 55 years

Bultaco factory/company closed about 1980


        ** Still going strong May 1, 2015   ** New batch of pistons/new sizes just arrived 


*           Call Lynn Monday-Friday PACIFIC time, mornings are best.    

*           We ship promptly and take VISA and MasterCard.

*           We work out of our home, we are not a storefront shop. 

*           All visits are by specific appointment only.

*           We are always closed on Sundays and major holidays.

*           We are usually gone mailing, eating and other errands around the lunch hour.


We stock parts to keep your Bultaco engines running, such as pistons, rod kits, seals, bearings, gears, gaskets.  We regularly stock flywheel pullers, petcocks, points, brake, clutch and throttle cables.  We have frame pieces such as swingarms, levers, shifters, grips, seat foams and covers.  Trim pieces, fenders, side panels, gas tanks, seats, and such are harder to find.  We may have parts as NOS, used, or reproduction.


We buy and sell daily so what we have changes constantly, therefore we have no inventory list, catalog or lists by model number.  Many parts fit several models.


We have parts books specific to most models, with exploded pictures keyed to part numbers ($25).  Our Workshop Manual has lots of how-to pictures, but not specific to a certain model, 100 2-sided pages in a binder, plus a Quick Reference Chart ($45).


We bought out many Bultaco dealers and have lots of new parts (New Old Stock or NOS), and we have 100+ Bultaco derelicts in the back yard to pick used pieces from as well.    We buy inventories, large and small.  Call us and tell us briefly what you have.


We do Bultaco engine rebuilding, with a five day turnaround on most engines.  We have a complete machine shop in house for services such as crankshaft press and align, cylinder boring, heli arc welding.  We do left side shift conversions, from start to finish.


We are dealers for Sammy Miller products, Amal (carbs and carb parts, throttles and levers), Barnett, Western Power Sports and Tucker Rocky; and we have some parts reproduced. 


To order you must call Lynn as there are many options to each order which he needs to discuss with you. Many of these 40+ year old bikes have had lots of changes over the years.


When you call please have your engine or frame number (so we can determine the correct model number), and if you're talking about a piston or a set of rings, we must have a current BORE size.  We may need to know what carburetor you have on the bike.  Please see our attached Model Number Reference List for more information.  Bultacos were not sold by year; they should only be identified by model number.


Because there is much discussion to ordering parts, ordering by email is very limited.  You can email some information to us, but the actual order needs to take place by phone.